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If you ride the Burke-Gilman Trail through Forest Park, you may have come across this hazardous situation on the north of the crosswalk where the trail crosses Beach Drive N.E. at the traffic light. The position of the curb ramp guides cyclists to the left of the pedestrian crossing signal instead of the right side. This is a dangerous situation that invites head-on collisions between cyclists who are both going around the same side of the signal crossing. This could be easily fixed by extending the curb ramp at least four feet on the southeast side of the ramp.


is becoming a safer route for bicycle commuters in Northeast Seattle and the Meadowbrook Area. During winter 2013-14, a bike lane was added to southbound Ravenna from NE 92nd St to NE 85th. Also, SDOT added signage that made this route an ‘official’ Seattle bike route all the way to NE 110th, then connects to Lake City. View Larger Map THE CROSSINGS There are two crossings that are particularly hazardous: At NE 95th, there are two 12″ slots in the road median, one for each direction. To get across, one needs to watch for cars turning off Lake City Way and cars approaching Lake City Way from the east. then at NE 92nd, the 40 yd Dash of Terror:   To your immediate right, cars are speeding from Lake City Way to Ravenna Ave NE, to your left cars are approaching from both Ravenna Ave NE and NE 92nd. Hold your breath for 40 yards and you’ll reach the safety of the bike lane.

Here’s a suggestion:

Green paint on the intersections to make the crossing more noticeable to motorists. Ravenna Ave 1 …and for the forty yard stretch: Ravenna Ave 2

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